Looking back, at 2019 and beyond

a message from Bike Walk Brentwood

Dear Brentwood City Commissioners - 


On behalf of the citizens of Brentwood and Bike Walk Brentwood, we want to express our appreciation for the seriousness that this group and former Commissioners have given to pedestrian and bicycling issues, infrastructure and safety.  It is so awesome to see so many of the recommendations from the 2016 Bike and Pedestrian Committee Report put into action already in our City!  


We can't stop there, however.  We have to look ahead in 2020 and to the next decade with renewed focus an energy to make walking, running and biking all across our City the safest that it can be! Our traffic issues aren't going away, our kids (and adults) are using electronic scooters, skateboards, etc. more and more on our streets and sidewalks and in general our citizens want connectivity and walk/run/bike safety.  Let's not rest with the progress that we've made, but look to the future with renewed vigor and plan now.  


A big year in 2019

  • Bike Walk Brentwood lead two Bike to School events (Spring and Fall) - Commissioner Andrews joined us for the Fall event and Mr. Bednar cycled with kids to Crockett Elementary for our Spring event.  We focused on neighborhoods around Brentwood Middle for our Fall event and began expanding East in the Spring to Crockett Elementary.  We’ve seen increased ridership as a result - even year-round cycling.  For the Fall event, BMS Principal Barkley had to add additional bike racks given the amount of riders (+50)!    Kids that cycle to school build friendships, get exercise and grow their own self esteem all at the same time.  Our goal at Bike Walk Brentwood is for every child to have the opportunity to safely walk or bike to school in Brentwood.  

  • Phase 1 of the Maryland Way Greenway trail complete - if you've not had the opportunity to walk, run or bike this trail, you should really do yourself a favor on a nice Saturday and take it for a spin!  It is wonderful.  I can't tell you how many neighbors I've seen, or met for the first time, enjoying this trail over the holidays. Pictures are below of Brentwood boys enjoying the safety and freedom this trail affords and a young girl learning to ride her bike for the first time (with her patient Mommy)!  

  • Crosswalks, mid-block crossings - as recommended in the study it has been great to see the "signs and paint" recommendations that continue to be a focus.  This level of visibility creates a safer environment for us all.  

  • Oman property and other new developments - It is great to see our City prioritizing bike/walk as part of every new project across all of Brentwood. 

In 2020 and beyond

Bike Walk Brentwood's focus areas

  • Bike to School - Bike Walk Brentwood intends on expanding our Bike to School programs eastward, ultimately across each Elementary and Middle School.  

  • Bike Walk Brentwood Junior Board - Beginning in 2020, we plan to recruit and engage service minded high-school and college students who align with and demonstrate interest with our Mission, to join the Bike Walk Brentwood (BWB) Junior Board. Through their Junior Board involvement, BWB Junior Board Members will gain high-level exposure to everything from strategic planning to project management, specific to the Bike Walk Brentwood Non-Profit priorities.

City of Brentwood focus areas

  • Maryland Farms Greenway trail (Phase 2) - We ask you, our Commissioners to fund and complete the remaining section of the trail in 2020.  Brentwood will then have connected two parks, a YMCA, multiple businesses and neighborhoods to our City center and helped the imbalance of more than 80% of existing trails being east of I-65.  

  • Granny White bike lanes - In the summer of 2020, during the repaving/re-striping of Granny White Pike:  We ask you, our Commissioners, to expand the east-side sidewalk and connect Brentwood Middle School, Granny White Park, Brentwood Academy and Powell Park with bike lanes northbound and southbound on Granny White Pike.  Do this as a result of the traffic study and recommendation of the professional firm Kimley-Horn. 

  • Sidewalks - Especially in and around Maryland Farms and Franklin Pike north of Church St., our sidewalks are in disrepair or in some cases lead to nowhere.  In some cases our sidewalks to not meet ADA standards.  Below are unflattering pictures of some of our sidewalks challenges.

  • Electric transportation - We have to prepare for the onslaught of electric scooters, skateboards and even uni-cycles.  These are already in use today in Brentwood on our streets and sidewalks by our youth primarily.  

  • East-West connectivity - Bike Walk Brentwood asks you, our Commissioners, to form a working group in 2020 to pick up the recommendations from the Kimley-Horn study (East-West Connectivity Options) and begin to plan how we'll accomplish East-West connectivity in Brentwood within the next decade.  

We thank you all for your service to our wonderful City and appreciate your focus on these issues!


Sincerely - 

Bike Walk Brentwood Board of Directors (Richard Hunter, Kelly Lee, Devin McClendon, Marty Tank, Jessica Bauchiero, Simon Kasiewicz, Zac Dufour, Christian Finger)

Bike Walk Brentwood

5215 Williamsburg Rd

Brentwood TN 37027

Email: info@bikewalkbrentwood.org

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